Problem: Border shows around my image.

Problem: When I insert an image i get a border around it. on screen it does not show up but plots on my sheets. How do I get rid of this border?

Solution: Type: ‘imageframe’ -Select ‘0’. This changes the border visibility to off. The only issue here is you cannot scale it after setting this variable. Just re-type ‘imageframe’ and select ‘1’ to get back to edit mode.

17 Responses to “Problem: Border shows around my image.”

  1. Diane Says:

    Where do I type ‘imageframe’-Select ‘0’?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Says:

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  3. Stayfix Says:

    Diane… Type it in the command box at the bottom of the working window.

  4. Rodrigo Cesar Says:

    Thanks for the tip, helped me a lot

  5. Croscwa Says:

    Spot on! Changing this variable removed the faint border around the images on our cover!

  6. The Fake Sartorialist Says:

    thanks! great help

  7. Guy Says:

    Thanks man this was a big help

  8. naeem bukhari Says:

    opening problem cad flie not open “internal error” plese hellp me

  9. Brian M. Curran Says:

    I typically control my image frames by using the imageframe command that you mentioned. Alternative, I think one could:

    1. Select it > mouse right click > draw order > send to back

    2. If the image frame was put on defpoints, then I don’t think the image frame or the image would plot. This would not be desirable if the image was your company logo, but may be desirable for a different scenario.

    That’s all that I can think off. =)

  10. Erix Says:

    cool thanks a lot bro

  11. Caroline McCrea Says:

    thank you!!!

  12. funky Says:


    […]Problem: Border shows around my image. « AutoCAD Solutions[…]…

  13. clickme Says:


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  14. wordninu Says:


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  15. buy sell Says:

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  16. corrinne Says:

    Fantastic! Thanks. It was driving me nuts!!

  17. jgraves Says:

    Change the color to 255

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